Sustainable development

Environmental mark of an overnight stay BEST WESTERN Victor Hugo 2015/2016 Water consumption Litres / person / night Energy consumption KW of primary energy / person / night Waste production Gr / person / night Climate change Kg of CO2 eq / person / night Environmentally-friendly / organic products % of products used Better for the environment... This tourist accommodation is actively taking
measures to use renewable energy sources,
save energy and water, to reduce waste
and to improve the local environment.
...better for you. ecolabel

Our environmental commitment

Awarded the European Ecolabel, the hotel BEST WESTERN Victor Hugo is committed to respecting and promoting the following principles:

Preserve water and reduce energy consumption:

  • Install flow reducers on all of the hotel’s water taps
  • Reduce polluting waste by using eco-friendly products
  • 100% of our light bulbs are A-class
  • 50% of our energy supply are provided by renewable energy sources

Use environmentally-friendly products and equipment:

  • Offer guests locally made, seasonal produce (jam from Seine-et-Marne, honey from Arras, fresh fruits and baguettes)
  • Use eco-friendly soap, shampooing, cleaning products and paper
  • Use Energy Star-labelled computer hardware

Reduce and sort waste:

  • Offer guests bulk products, to avoid extra packaging (cheese counters, cereals, honey, etc.)
  • Install soap and shower gel dispensers in the hotel’s bathrooms
  • Cooperate with local authorities to promote selective waste sorting

Training and awareness-rising:

  • Make sure the hotel staff is duly informed and trained on eco-friendly behaviour
  • Keep our guests informed on what and how we are doing to protect the environment

Our wish is to make our guests return time and time again, sharing our environmentally-friendly mindset.